Thanks for coming in! Here’s how to care for yourself after your treatment.  


Drink LOTS of water for 24hrs post treatment

Allow your body to recover – relax, move slow and don’t over-do it

Stretch your area of concern – you can find lots of ideas online specific to each area or ask your practitioner for some tips during your treatment

Here are our top stretches

Shoulder Stretch
  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Raise your right arm up to shoulder height, and move it across the front of your body.
  3. With your left arm, pull the right arm as close to your chest as possible and hold it for 30 seconds. You should feel the stretch across the back of your shoulder. Repeat this four times, then switch to the left side.
Seated Trapezius Stretch
  1. Turn your chin to the right and toward your chest.
  2. Place your right hand over the top of your head, and gently pull your head down toward the right. You’ll feel a stretch in your left trapezius, and if you touch the left side of your neck with your left hand, you’ll feel the muscle being stretched. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, and then relax. Repeat this stretch four times, while remembering to breathe.
  3. Switch chin direction to the left. Place your left hand over the top of your head and gently pull down to stretch your right side
Lower Back Stretch
  1. Begin on your knees.
  2. Place your hands in front of you on the seat of a chair.
  3. While keeping your back flat, reach forward with your arms and lower your buttocks to your feet. You’ll feel a stretch along the sides of your back.
  4. Hold for 30 seconds, while breathing, then relax. Repeat four times.
  5. Next, place your hands shoulder width apart on the ground. It will look as if you’re crawling.
  6. Gently arch your back toward the ceiling, and tuck your bum in. Hold and repeat four times. After the last arch, lower your bum to your heels with your arms stretched out in front and let your back relax.
Hamstring Stretch
  1. Lie down with the small of your back against the floor.
  2. Bend your left knee to 90 degrees to stabilize your hips.
  3. Slowly raise your right leg off the ground with the knee as straight as possible. Your right hip should not rise off the floor, and the movement should come only from your hip.
  4. As your foot approaches vertical, you’ll feel a stretch in the back of your leg.
  5. Hold your leg in this raised position for 30 seconds.
  6. After 30 seconds, relax your knee and then repeat three times before switching to the left leg.
    Quadriceps Stretch
    1. Stand with feet together and hips straight.
    2. Bend your right knee back and take the front of your right foot in your right hand.
    3. Keeping your knees even – do not let your right knee swing forward – bend your right knee back. You will feel a stretch in the front of your leg from above your hip to your knee. Do not allow your posture to curve forward, but keep standing straight up.
    4. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat this four times and then switch to the left quad.

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