Soothing Lotion


A soothing and decongesting lotion spray for hypersensitive, intolerant skin or skin showing dark circles and puffiness.

3.30 fl.oz/100ml


Nelly De Vuyst Soothing Lotion is specifically designed for hyper-sensitive, intolerant skin presenting dark circles and puffiness. Formulated with soothing and decongesting ingredient.


  • Balances and maintains skins pH at 5.5.
  • Promotes a good penetration of the active ingredients.
  • Anti-oxidant: it strengthens the protective barrier of the skin against environmental aggressions while improving its threshold.
  • Desensitizes the skin from irritation, tingling or itching sensations.


• Use daily, after cleansing the skin.

• Spray over the face and the neck, avoiding the eyes. Let dry.

• Follow with Nelly De Vuyst skin care products for your skin type.

• Non-comedogenic and dermatology tested. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Key Ingredients: Tannic Acid, Cornflower Water, Rose Flower Water