Radiance Cream


A revolutionary moisturizing cream for any skin type with brown spots and dull complexion.



The Radiance Cream is a revolutionary moisturizing emulsion specifically formulated for any skin type with brown spots and dull complexion or prone to hyperpigmentation.

Made with red algae known for its lightening and radiance-enhancing properties, this unique formula helps render a lighter, even and more radiant looking complexion within 30 days.

Containing argan oil, a regenerating and anti-aging ingredient, the Radiance Cream helps the skin keep its optimal hydration. Also prevents acne scars.


  • Results seen between 28 to 56 days by using the product twice daily.
  • Pigmentary spots visibly lighten and disappear (seen by over 76% of volunteers in clinical study).
  • A significant reduction of surface stains on 58% of volunteers.
  • Obstructs all stages of the pigmentation process.
  • Anti-aging power. Regenerating Whitening treatment.
  • Intensive Lightening care that respects all the integrity of the skin.
  • The complexion is bright and unified. Skin has a healthy glow.

• Apply morning and/or evening on perfectly cleansed skin.

• Gently massage the face and the neck until completely absorbed.

• Non-comedogenic and dermatology tested. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Key ingredients Palmata Palmaria Extract, Polysaccharide, Bisabolol