BioTense Advanced Kit


A five-step Organic & Eco-Certified regime proven to help with anti-aging, firming, hydration, even skin tone and a flawless complexion.



Includes your choice of cleanser (foaming gel or cleansing milk), Gommage, Toner Spray, Serum & Cream

BioTense Foaming Gel – 150ml

The Foaming Gel BioTense is ideal to thoroughly cleanse the skin while respecting the skin’s physiological pH. When in contact with water, this gel transforms into a foam to capture and eliminate all impurities gathered on the surface of the skin.


BioTense Cleansing Milk – 150ml

Perfectly removes make-up and cleanses the face, eyelids, and lips. This rich and light milk is composed of argan oil to easily remove make-up and all traces of impurities in one single motion.

BioTense Gommage – 50g

Revives tired and devitalized looking skin and immediately restores a natural glow to the skin. Gommage BioTense contains bentonite clay which removes toxins from the epidermis. To get the best of your skin care regime, getting rid of the dead skin cells is very important.

BioTense pH Toner – 100ml

The pH Toner BioTense is a 2-in-1 care that restores the skin’s physiological pH and protects the skin from dehydration due to limestone found in tap water. This balancing and ultra-moisturizing mist instantly revives the face.

BioTense Serum – 30ml

Restores the youth and vitality to the skin. Used on the face and neck that defies time and gravity to restore youth and vitality to the skin from the first application.

BioTense Cream – 50ml

Spectacular organic care that targets mature skin presenting fine lines and lacking firmness. This exclusive formula contains a potent synergy of biopolymers and fragmented hyaluronic acid for an immediate effect.

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Cleansing Milk, Foaming Gel