Who here is intimidated by the word “contour”? There’s lots of us!
But let us help you with the simplicity of contouring!

Contouring originates from behind the scenes with stage actors, in the art of manipulating the facial features to exaggerate facial expressions on stage using chalk and soot. As the entertainment scene continued to develop, makeup artists began to add depth and shading to faces to avoid a flat appearance of facial features while on film. Once finessed, there wasn’t an actor; film or stage that was without this new trend. As time has passed, there have been many products developed and made available for not only the professional, but the every day woman to be able to contour and highlight her face.

Steps to the perfect contour & highlight.

Step 1: Using a contour or thicker facial brush, take the darkest color in your contour kit and apply to the face starting at the middle of the ear – drawing a diagonal line towards your mouth, stopping two fingers away from the edge of your mouth. Start lightly, and continue to build to desired effect, you will most likely need to blend the sides of the line to soften the look.

Step 2: Using the same brush, continue with the darker colour from your original start area by the ear, up towards the temples and slightly on to the upper corner of the forehead. Layer for desired effect, and don’t forget to blend out!

Step 3: With the contour brush, starting at the edge of your jaw (by the bottom of you ear) lightly go along the edge of the jaw line stopping at the side of the chin, make sure to blend this area so you soften the look of the jaw.

Step 4: Finding a smaller brush, or squeezing your larger contour brush to a flat edge – draw a line with the darker color down each side of the nose, starting at the eyebrow.

Step 5: Using a larger, ‘fluffy” brush – highlight the underneath the eye along the orbital bone, carrying the residue up around the outside of your eyebrow (you want above the eyebrow to just have a touch of highlight, and more-so underneath the eye).

Step 6: Highlighting the middle of the forehead as well as down the nose. **Tip – for those who want a slimmer appearance for their nose, apply two areas of highlight at the top and the very tip of the nose.

Step 7: Continue on with highlighting, applying on the cupids bow (middle of the top of your lip) as well as your chin.

Step 8: Apply more contour or highlight as needed, or if you found that you have been a little heavy handed, use a brush by itself or with some additional foundation to help blend out the area.

You’ve got this! If we can do it, you can too.

Check out the diagram on the Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit for a helpful reminder of where you contour and highlight (believe us, we’ve had to use it)!